Little John Hardware Architecture

 Little John is a robot composed of two subsystems: a five-DOF manipulator based on the Dynamixel AX18 servomotors and the differential mobile platform Create.


 The hardware architecture available today for use of this robot consists in two Kinects located in the ceiling; markers to define the inertial frame, the Little John frame and any other frame that is important for the task the user wants to perform; a computer to manage the robot control and the system as a whole; and the Little John itself. 

The computer has an Intel Xeon 2.4GHz with 12M cache, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro and runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and ROS Indigo. The two Kinects compose the vision system and can detect the markers in its area range. The ROS Indigo is used to send and receive commands to/from the Little John and the Kinects.

For developers who want to know more about the software architecture, refers to the Little John Tutorial in our wiki.