MACRO members attend LARS 2016

MACRO members attended the Latin American Robotics Symposium 2016 in Recife, PE. During Oct 8th to Oct 12th, they presented research papers on humanoids, mobile manipulators and cooperative aerial vehicles.

Prof. Bruno Adorno presented the paper “Formation backstepping control based on the cooperative dual task-space framework: a case study on unmanned aerial vehicles,” by B. S. Rego, B. V. Adorno and G. V. Raffo.

Frederico Afonso presented the paper “Whole-Body Control of a Mobile Manipulator using Dual-Quaternion-Based Feedback Linearization,” by F. F. Afonso and B. V. Adorno.

Juan José presented the paper “Parsimonious Kinematic Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulators,” by J. J. Quiroz-Omaña and B. V. Adorno.

Mariana Fonseca presented the paper  “Whole-body Modeling and Hierarchical Control of a Humanoid Robot Based on Dual Quaternion Algebra,” by M. P. A. Fonseca and B. V. Adorno.

From left to right: Prof. Bruno Adorno, Juan José Quiroz-Omaña, Mariana Fonseca, and Frederico Afonso