MACRO members attend ICRA 2018

Prof. Bruno Adorno, together with former MACRO Postdoc Luis Figueredo (now at the University of Leeds), attended ICRA 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. During one week they had the opportunity to listen to and interact with the world's leading experts on different areas of robotics. Murilo Marinho, former master student (currently a PhD candidate at the University of Tokyo) presented the paper entitled Active Constraints Using Vector Field Inequalities for Surgical Robots, coauthored by Prof. Bruno Adorno, Prof. Harada and Prof. Mitshuishi from University of Tokyo.


adorno marinho ICRA2018

Prof. Bruno Adorno (UFMG) and Murilo Marinho (University of Tokyo)


mitsuishi marinho adorno ICRA2018

From left to right: Prof. Mitshuishi and Murilo Marinho (both from University of Tokyo) and Prof. Bruno Adorno (UFMG).