MACRO members, Prof. Guilherme Raffo and the master students Daniel Neri Cardoso, Filipe A. Teixeira da Silveira, and Jaime A. Dulce Galindo, attended CBA 2016 (Brazilian Conference on Automatic) in Vitória-ES, Brazil.

Prof. Raffo presented the papers entitled "Adaptive Control of a Tilt-Rotor UAV in Load Transportation Tasks - A LMI Approach," co-authored by Marcelo A. Santos, and "Path Tracking Control based on Guaranteed State Estimation for a Tilt-Rotor UAV," co-authored by Brenner S. Rego.

Daniel Neri Cardoso presented the paper entitled "Modeling and Control of a Tilt-Rotor UAV with Improved Forward Flight," co-authored by prof. Guilherme Raffo and prof. Sergio Esteban.

Filipe Andersonn Teixeira Da Silveira presented the paper entitled " Modelagem e Controle de Fornos Contínuos de Reaquecimento de Tiras de Bobinas de Aço," co-authored by Prof. Raffo.

Jaime Arturo Dulce Galindo presented the paper entitled "A Modified Active Disturbance Rejection Control Applied to the Twin-Rotor System with Output Quantization," co-authored by prof. Leonardo Torres, and Prof. Guilherme Raffo.