Starting Block Manipulation Example

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This is a tutorial for starting the Block Manipulation Task example using the Jaco robot.

Initializing ROS Packages

Each application must be started from a different terminal window. The robot and the camera should be connected to the computer using a USB port and the robot should be homed using the available joystick. After initializing the packages, the MATLAB program should be run.

  • Terminal 1: ROS initialization


  • Terminal 2: Kinect initialization

roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch

  • Terminal 3: AR markers identification initialization

roslaunch ar_track_alvar pr2_indiv.launch

  • Terminal 4: MATLAB initialization (this initialization must be done from the terminal window)

cd <matlab_path>/bin/

  • Terminal 5: Robot driver or V-REP initialization

roslaunch jaco_driver jaco_arm.launch
cd <vrep_path>/

  • Terminal 6: Block Manipulation app initialization

roslaunch block_manipulation block_manipulation.launch