VRep: How to use V-Rep in Torque/Force mode

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The V-REP allows the user to choose how to control the robot, if in inverse kinematic mode or torque/force mode. The configuration in the V-REP environment is different for each case, and sending torque to V-REP can be a little bit tricky. Thereat, this tutorial will cover the control of a V-REP robot using the torque/force mode.

The first step is to set the V-REP environment to work in torque/force mode. When clicking on any joint of the robot, the Scene Object Properties dialog will open, and in the "Mode" part one can select the "Torque/force mode".


Then, in the "Dynamic properties" part, click on "Show dynamic properties dialog". Make sure that the "Motor enabled" is ticked and that the "Control loop enabled" is not. Also, to facilitate the future control, one can set the maximum torque and the target velocity to zero, and tick the "Lock motor when target velocity is zero".